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Installation Guide

Rune and the dependant toolchains used to generate bytecode require some dependencies. Rune is built using Rust programming language.

Installing rune cli by building (Not Recommended)#

You can install rune cli by building it for Mac and Linux platform by following the instructions provided in the Rune github repository -

Because there are many dependencies that are nightly the rune binary can be a bit flaky.

To make it easier to use, you can leverage docker!

We have pre-built docker images that have been tested across all platforms and are stable.

Our images are available on our docker hub.

Docker (Recommended)#

With Docker we support the following platforms.

Supported platforms#

  • Mac (intel)
  • Windows 10
  • Linux (ubuntu 16 and later)

Rune Cli - Mac and Linux#

You can use docker run to use rune-cli directly in your local directory. The following shell script will execute rune-cli using volumes in your local directory.

#! sh
docker run -v `pwd`:`pwd` -w `pwd` -i -t tinyverseml/rune-cli /usr/local/bin/rune $@%

Save the shell script in your PATH variable and you are ready to go! Now you can use rune as a command on the terminal.

Rune-Serve - Mac and Linux#

Similarly the rune-serve tool is also available as a docker container and can be run with the following command:

docker run -e RUST_LOG=INFO -v `pwd`:/app/static tinyverseml/rune-serve

Rune Cli - Windows#

You can use docker run to use rune-cli directly in your local directory. You can call the rune commands such as build, run, and model-info on the directory you have your Runefile, built .rune, and model.

You should use Powershell and the paths to the directory are not in the windows format (c:\path\to\directory) but in the 'nix notion (/c/path/to/directory)

# Call rune build - change your path. Here /path/to/directory containes the Runefile.yaml
docker run -v /path/to/directory:/path/to/directory -w /path/to/directory -i -t tinyverseml/rune-cli /usr/local/bin/rune build Runefile.yml
# Call rune run - change your path. Here /path/to/directory containes the .rune file
docker run -v /path/to/directory:/path/to/directory -w /path/to/directory -i -t tinyverseml/rune-cli /usr/local/bin/rune run my-built-rune.rune --capability=image:./path/to/image

Rune-Serve - Windows#

# Call rune serve from the directory that contains static.rune
docker run -e RUST_LOG=INFO -v /path/to/directory/static:/app/static tinyverseml/rune-serve

Note about Apple Mac M1 Arm chip

Currently Docker on M1 is still unstable and is not supported! We are working on this actively follow our progress on (github)[].