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At Hammer of the Gods (HOT-G; pronounced exactly like it reads), our team makes it possible to develop, deploy, and manage apps and AI models on embedded devices. In the next few years, we foresee a quadratic growth in sensors (especially ARM/Nvidia based devices) and data (5G) resulting in the need for a massive number of developers and apps. HOT-G is building the distributed infrastructure to pave the way for AI enabled edge applications.

Here are more reasons why you should join our team

As an early team team member, you will help us

  1. Set our company culture
  2. Set our engineering practices
  3. Shape the folks we hire
  4. Shape the direction and focus of our products and services

HOT-G Open Roles

  1. Machine Learning Operations Engineer
  2. Software Engineer

Don't see your perfect role? If you are a growth engineer who can hack on things, build POCs, iterate quickly with the founders, drop us a line.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m interested in HOT-G. How do I get in touch?

Thank you for your interest! Please email us at with your resume/CV and background. If our team feels like you’re a good match, we will reach out to you with next steps.

Can you share more about the interview process?

Certainly! If our team determines that you’re a fit, we will reach out to you via email to schedule an initial interview. If the first interview goes well, you will be asked to move onto the next round. There will be a total of three rounds of interviews. There may be a possible fourth interview, only because we’re an excited bunch and want you to meet more of our HOT-G team members. Additionally, we will ask all engineering roles to take a coding test to measure your understanding of the issues at hand and your ability to do critical thinking.

How many people do HOT-G plan on hiring?

Currently, we have two open positions to fill but are always looking for entrepreneurial engineers for various generalist roles. The talented folks who will fill these positions will help us scale from hundreds to thousands of paying users as we progress to product-market-fit. We expect to grow quickly in the next two years so do keep in touch with us by following our official company’s LinkedIn page and Twitter Marketing account for more career opportunities!

Where is HOT-G located?

We are a remote first company. Our team works remotely from home all over the world (United States, Belgium, London, Australia, Canada, and India, to name a few). We love working and finding talent from all over the world!

So HOT-G is a remote first company who employs folks from around the world - what does that mean in terms of remote employment? How do conflicting timezones work?

Here at HOT-G, our team prides ourselves in solving hard problems. Solving hard problems means a lot of teamwork. At HOT-G, we make it work whether it be our team from the US getting up at the crack of dawn to meet our team in the UK in the evening and vice versa. We’re committed to our company, our team members, our investors, our partners and our customers to get things done.

Let's talk about money. How much money has HOT-G raised?

HOT-G is well funded and has raised money from key and top VCs in Silicon Valley.