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How will all this benefit you

  1. Portable Containers: You can quickly create a portable ML pipeline using our drag and drop editor. This ML pipeline run on a wide range of environments, varying from x86 servers, mobile platforms like iOS and Android, single board computers like the Raspberry Pi or Jetson Nano, or bare metal devices.
  2. Multi-model Suport: You can run multiple models in a single pipeline - in series, parallel, or conditional.
  3. Testing: You can test your pipeline immediately by scanning a QR Code using our Runic app (web and mobile). No code required.
  4. Deployment: We give you full snippet to integrate your pipeline into your app.
  5. Monitoring and Observability: Once you deploy your app on device, you can get instant telemetry and monitoring data.
  6. Federated Learning: We are planning to provide support for it soon. After this, you will be able to train an algorithm across multiple decentralized edge devices or servers holding local data samples, without exchanging them.