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Where can HOT-G help

We realized to bring the next million developers to build on-device machine learning, we had to build tools that every engineer could understand and learn quickly. On-device ML requires mastery over three (somewhat) disjoint domains:

  • machine learning

  • embedded computing

  • application development.

Hidden with all of this is also the needs of infrastructure and DevOps which is not easy.

To re-imagine the next generation of accessible on-device ML platform looks and feels like, we had to rethink what a developer with any background could do with the right tools. We built Hammer Forge Studio, our SaaS platform for any developer to build, test, deploy, and monitor on-device ML in minutes.

Rapid Prototyping


It takes months to years to deploy an ML model to production. ML development process is so complicated that 87% of models go undeployed. A user gets feedback in months and has to wait to retrain it. There are chances of data drift in such a long time, making the model useless. HOT-G helps to reduce this time to minutes to days. You only have to focus on training your model. The rest of the ML development process is being taken care of by HOT-G. It takes minutes to go through the rest of the cycle while using HOT-G. HOT-G offer:

  • Zero DevOps platform
  • Zero Code ML pipeline creation
  • Zero Code Testing
  • Deploy your model on multiple devices in no time
  • Monitoring
  • Security of Model